Top 10 Companies/Brands Using ReactJS Development
28 January, 2020 EliteEvince Technologies
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Top 10 Companies/Brands Using ReactJS Development

One popular and fast JavaScript framework – ReactJS has kept up with the pace of technically fulfilling demands and has been on top of the charts, in the developer fraternity. The above statistics signify that it is one of the most preferred frameworks by developers worldwide.

Before we have a look at the huge conglomerates who are enjoying the complete potential of ReactJS, let us first understand what ReactJS is, why is it needed and its key benefits.

React JS – The Need & Key Benefits


  1. Faster Go-To-Market Time
  2. A Secure Future
  3. Ease Of Use
  4. Quick Rendering With V-DOM
  5. Efficient Design And Developer Tools
  6. Clear Abstraction


The development team, who is using ReactJS, needs to have a proper understanding of the complete life cycle of the components and need not always follow any pattern base like MVC.

Top Organizations/Brands Using And Leveraging The Potential Of ReactJS


1. Facebook

Facebook, the pioneer of the ReactJS library, uses React – obvious though. They have their webpage which is developed using React with the script blended in the app code. Their mobile app has been constructed with React Native, a step ahead in the React family and is accountable for showing the Android and iOS native parts, in place of the DOM components.


2. Instagram

Instagram is one widespread social media platform, used lavishly by the young generation and the corporate world, to display videos, photos, and information. The Instagram app has been showcasing usage of a lot of modern-day features and its API has turned out good.


3. Twitter

Twitter has started using React when they rewrote their entire website with modernized web technology. React is being utilized in the progressive web apps that they have implemented – offering a wide range of competencies just like an application, push notifications and offline support.


4. Netflix

Netflix is a recommended option when it comes to online video streaming. The development team at Netflix has leveraged the ReactJS components owing to its salient features like the fast speed of execution, runtime performance, and modularity. Netflix is amongst the list of best ReactJS websites.


5. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo!’s email client version makes use of React. Since Facebook also uses React, there is a need to keep the technologies in order and hence, ReactJS would be the common entity between them.


6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a big name in the world of education, imparting modern-day knowledge to learners through online media. There is a huge chunk of coding done in React, in the Khan Academy portal. They are finding the ReactJS library quite useful and much better as compared to their earlier version.


7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp uses ReactJS to develop user interfaces from Facebook, as its prime engines. Even the WhatsApp Web version of the same leverages React, for enhanced web experience.


8. Dropbox

And of late, Dropbox has taken up ReactJS for its development work. Engineers at Dropbox have observed the many advantages that come along with ReactJS – Virtual DOM, the lesser size of files, heavy community support, and these are the reasons for Dropbox to take over ReactJS as their chosen technology.


9. Atlassian

A well-known product development organization worldwide, Atlassian has its own bouquet of products that are world-renowned – Jira, Confluence, HipChat, etc. Both internal and external applications of Atlassian have been leveraging the power of ReactJS and family.


10. Salesforce

Undoubtedly, the world’s leading and largest CRM organizations – Salesforce is considered to the best amongst the lot. Salesforce is utilizing the power of ReactJS to render complicated Visualforce pages in a fast and efficient manner. Developers at Salesforce are creating views within Visualforce with ReactJS and thereby, rendering pages swiftly.


Closing Thoughts

The list seems endless, though the above list signifies the reasons why ReactJS is running great goings in the technology world. There are many more organizations that are enjoying the fruits of this wonderful technology.

The above list of popular organizations making the most of React signifies the extent to which the technology has raised its bars.

ReactJS’s high potential to undertake any type of web development is being witnessed closely and no wonder, the number of big tech giants is taking huge leaps to embrace ReactJS.

Let us wait and watch till this list keeps growing strong and so does the technology with its newer updates and finer innovations.

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